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Free Sample of Reflection Guide


How does life-transformation take place in the experience of Christ-followers? There’s more to it than reading a few well-written books on the subject though that may help. Prayerful meditation on God’s living and active Word is an essential ingredient. Add in life-changing companionships to process the Scriptures in an attitude of dependence on the Holy Spirit over an extended period, then watch what God will do. That is no mere formula. It’s more like hoisting your sails, and waiting expectantly for the wind of the Spirit, and the transformation that only He can accomplish.

The Point of Your Thorns is a reflective meditation on 2 Corinthians 12:7-10 and related scripture passages. Its companion, the Personal Reflection Guide allows you to process what you have learned through four steps:


Praying—recording your own prayers and accessing classic prayers from the past.

Meditating—a slow, reflective reading of key biblical passages.

Processing—interacting with the contents of each chapter.

Mentoring—questions to consider as you meet with spiritual companions.


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